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Wendy and Tinkerbell

2011 Tinkerbell & Dance Spectacular

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    The wonderful, colorful and energetic performance, was performed in front of 4 school performances and 3 full house public performances. The students are professional performers who enjoy showing their skills to their peers and the public.

    Tinkerbell  – Mattea Single, Vidia – Tarah House, Queen Clarion – Lauren Williams, Wendy – Kelsie Dodd, Fairy Mary – Bethany Wiedeman.

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    Enchanted Wardrobe

    2010 The Enchanted Wardrobe and Dance Spectacular

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      2008 Enchanted Wardrobe

      Another brilliant production. Held from Wednesday August 10th through to  Saturday 14th the students performed to full houses.  Congratulations again to all the students, you are all true professionals. 

      Lucy – Lily Mackie, Edmund -Tarah House, Susan – Annie Jane Smith, Peter – Bethany Wiedemann, Aslan – Lauren Williams, Mr Tumnus – Brittany Hawkins, Jadis, the White Witch – Chelsea Saunders

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