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2015 – 4ever after & dance showcase

     Princess Adele – Georgia Rodger, Stella  (Adele’s Friend) – Rosie Schreck-Irwin

    Narissa (Evil Witch) – Alexandria Jeffery, Fairy God Mother – Olivia Sharwood

    Ariel  – Annika Rhoades, Belle  – Chloe Myler, Cinderella – Mary-Grace Dolbel, Jasmine – Jade Hills

    The Good Fairies – Ashleigh Campbell, Kelsie Dodd, Sally Noble, Queen – Kaylee Harding

    A beautiful story of a girl name Adele who lives in the blissful and traditionally animated fairy tale world of Andalasia, where animals are talkative companions and musical interludes punctuate nearly every interaction, characters breaking into song and “happily ever after” a foregone conclusion.

    In this fairytale world, with her Fairly God Mother and the good Fairies, Adele and her princess friends, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel dance with happiness at her wedding, BUT just when everything seems perfect, ‘Narissa’ the Evil witch in a jealous rage casts a spell and banishes Adele away.

    Adele emerges in the middle of modern day, live-action New York City, where music, magic and the ‘happily ever after’ are very different to what she is accustom.  After a turn of events, she meets Stella, a hardened, yet friendly girl who is at first reluctant to help her find her way home.

    Stella lets Adele stay at their apartment despite believing that she is crazy.  Following the ways of her fairy-tale world, Adele recruit’s urban animals in the city to help, she fashions a dress out of the curtains.

    Meanwhile the Fairy God Mother and Good Fairies travel to New York to hopefully find Adele before ‘Narissa’ (Evil Witch).  They find her just in time, ‘Narissa’ has given her a poison apple and the Fairy God Mother uses her magic to defeat the witch and bring Adele back to life.

    The two worlds become one without evil and are happy

    ‘4Ever After’…………

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