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We at Craze Dance Academy extend a warm welcome to all our visitors.

The web site for our dance school in Inverell is here to inform you of our policies, procedures and other general information, to help acquaint you with our dance school. At Craze Dance Academy it is our aim to provide quality dance tuition and care, that encourages and supports the physical, emotional and cognitive development of the individual.  Our teachers look forward to passing on their knowledge, and passion for dance to all students who attend dance classes at our dance school.

At Craze Dance Academy we are proud to provide a learning environment which is supportive, encouraging and non-threatening. In our classes students are encouraged to help rather than compete with each other.  Our teachers aim to provide students with a positive role model by displaying the following attributes: love of dance, inspiration, sense of humour and fun, energy and enthusiasm, self-discipline, punctuality, respect for others, self-esteem, positive body image, and a healthy lifestyle.

Tiny Tots & Tiny Boppers

Children from the age of three (3) are instructed in dance which includes exercise which help with co-ordination and general motor skills.  This is done in a fun and playful way.

Mini Me

Children from the age of 18 months are introduced dance and music in Mini Me, and instructed in ballet and jazz including exercise which help with co-ordination and general motor skills.  This is done in an imaginative, fun and playful way.  These classes are  only half hour in duration as I have realised over the years, the little ones concentration span is only 30-40 minutes. We have a Mini Me – dance and music with mummy, Tiny Tots – Ballet based class and Tiny Boppers – Jazz based class.


Students from the age of five can begin to learn the beautiful and graceful art of ballet.  Our qualified teachers guide students as they work to develop strength, balance, poise and artistry. Students will learn syllabus work which allows them to undertake exams or presentation classes with the Royal Academy of Dancing. 


Children usually go up on pointe from the around the age of 12, this depends on a lot of things, such as strength, maturity, ability and length of time they have been doing ballet. Please refer to our ‘Going on Pointe’ information, in our Student Information section.


Do you love the latest funky music? Are 6 years and over? Then grab your friends and join one of our exciting jazz classes to learn the sharp, strong and high-energy moves of this dance style. Jazz classes are held weekly. Our jazz classes are a fun way of making new friends.

Modern / Contemporary

Learn to express yourself through the soft fluid movements of modern/ contemporary, which is based on balletic moves & inward body focus. Unlike classical ballet, modern/contemporary often utilises ground work, and dancers often perform in bare feet. It will have you trying new things with expression, fun & beautiful music. Students must do at least one (1) classical ballet class per week to be able to participate in Modern/Contemporary.


Learn to make music with your feet in our fun tap classes designed for students aged five years to senior. Enjoy a mix of classic show tunes, Broadway, jazz and popular music as you learn exciting rhythms of tap dance.

Musical Theatre

A new class in 2010 to introduce students to the musical theatre side of dance. We will study a particular musical each term,  learning songs, dance style & costuming. Students learn all aspects of theatre from choosing and editing music, creating choreography, costume and set design to design and producing concert tickets and programs.

Hip Hop

Funky street dance, the rage with all the younger dancers.

Acro / Stretch & Strength

This class is designed to strengthen muscles while stretching to gain maximum flexibility.

Boys Dance

A boys only class, working on all disciplines of dance, concentrating on Jazz and Hip Hop.

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