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2011 Tinkerbell & Dance Spectacular

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    The wonderful, colorful and energetic performance, was performed in front of 4 school performances and 3 full house public performances. The students are professional performers who enjoy showing their skills to their peers and the public.

    Tinkerbell  – Mattea Single, Vidia – Tarah House, Queen Clarion – Lauren Williams, Wendy – Kelsie Dodd, Fairy Mary – Bethany Wiedeman.

    Tinkerbell is based on the Disney story of the same name and tells the tale of a little fairy who wants to go to the mainland but to do this she needs the help of her friends to discover her special talent so that she too can join the others in bringing Spring to the world.

    The story is set in Pixie Hollow, where Tinkerbell and her friends Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta and Fawn live in a world of magic and colour as they prepare for their annual trip to the mainland.

    Constantly clashing with the mean spirited Vidia, Tinkerbell learns that ‘Tinker’ fairies (of which she is one) don’t get to make the important journey.

    Her disappointment turns to excitement as, encouraged by her friends, she tries to change her talent to one that will give her passage on the exciting journey to bring spring to the world.

    In her energetic attempts to learn a new talent Tinkerbell inadvertently destroys all the preparations for Spring and must use her Tinker talent to set things right.

    She does so and Is eventually allowed to travel to the mainland to deliver a musical dancing ballerina, which she repaired after finding it broken in the grass.

    She travels to the mainland and delivers the doll to the windowsill of Wendy.

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