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2007 Mary Poppins and Dance Showcase

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    A brilliant production with ‘Bert’ being danced by the brilliant Rikki Mason and ‘Mary Poppins’ by the wonderful Daisy Sonter-Kelso, ‘Jane & Michael Banks“, danced by Kymberleigh Cowley & Bethany Wiedemann.  The cast supported these dancers and danced with energy and commitment.

    Things at 17 Cherry Tree Lane are not going well.  Jane and Michael are out of control and, unsurprisingly, they go through nannies at a frightening rate.  Taking matters into their own hands, the children decide to write an advertisement for their dream nanny.

    Dismissing their ideas, Mr Banks tears up the piece of paper and throws it on the fire.  Many nannies apply for the job, none fitting the high expectations of Mr Banks.  Within moments a nanny, fitting the children’s requirements exactly, arrives.  Her name of course is Mary Poppins and she quickly demonstrates that she is more than a match for the naughty children.  In fact, she has every confidence in her own qualifications and merits.

    On a trip to the park they meet Bert and despite their reservations about his ragged clothes and dirty face, Mary teaches them that they must learn to look past appearances; that beneath the ordinary surface of life, they might make wonderful discoveries if they will only look.  To illustrate the point Mary and Bert take them on a Jolly Holiday.

    But, while Mary may be managing the children, it is clear that the real problem at number 17 lies at the heart of the family. 

    Mary decides that it would be a good idea for their father to spend more time with them.   He takes the children to visit the bank where he works. 

    Outside on the steps the children run into the Birdlady.  They realise that Mary Poppins was right and that they must look past appearances to see the real beauty in people.

    On another adventure, Bert introduces the children to his friends, the chimney sweeps.

    Join Mary Poppins, Bert, Michael & Jane as they discover the values of life.

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